Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Beer Vendors' Prayer

“Please let me sell lots of Beer,
and please let it be a fast game.”

People would think that every beer vendor wants to have a long game so there is an extended opportunity for people to drink/buy more. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Believe it or not, most fans have decided how many beers they can have at the game even before they walk through the gate. It seems fans come in with a set amount of money that they are going to spend… and they are going to spend this amount whether the game is 90 minutes long or a 3 hour and 40 minute marathon.

There are games when a beerman feels like he has been with the same case long enough to develop a personal relationship with each individual bottle. (Don’t worry, I ice every case to keep it cold.)

All beer vendors want to sell as many beers as possible at every game, but there is something each wishes for…

“The Fast Game.”

The 3 hour + game is brutal. Fans are nursing beers in the 5th and 6th just waiting for “last call” so they can have 1 more and either:

A. still drive home, or
B. leave a few dollars in their wallet for the next day

The last 2 nights have had games hovering around a 2 hour pace for the first 7 innings. These are a blessing when you are on game 5 of a 9 game homestand.

MLB is talking about replay and other changes that may lengthen a game. I say “No WAY!”

Keep the games moving. Tomorrow that 3 hour and 20 minute game may seem like a marathon.

If anyone would like to disagree… go to your local fitness club, get on the stairmaster, set it for 180 minutes and call me when the screen reads, “goal achieved”.

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