Friday, April 22, 2011

Hot Chocolate and the Rainout

First rainout of the season in only the 6th game. I’m disappointed because I chose Hot Chocolate to sell over beer. Temps were in the low 40’s and there was a steady drizzle. Tips wouldn’t be the same, but I figured I could make up for it in volume. 3 guys ahead of me in seniority took it, so I wasn’t the only one thinking it could be a good money maker for the night.

Cocoa is $6.75 and it comes in a souvenir cup. Besides that, I don’t have to card anyone tonight.

Then it happens. Notice on the scoreboard… “Tonight’s game has been postponed”. 30 minutes in and I had already sold 38 cups. Fans were even buying on the way out the gate

It was hardly worth the drive down here and the evening wasted for that… I’m sure many fans felt the same way.

Weather looks better for tomorrow and maybe we have turned the corner on the winter that just won’t end. Next stop 90 degrees and bottled water in June. Let’s hope so.

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