Friday, April 8, 2011

Opening Day – Season 2

3 ½ weeks ago we stood in Target Field for orientation and it was 25 degrees and the wind was making it feel like the low teens. There was still ice on the field and 3’ piles of snow in the seats. Every vendor wondered how it was going to be possible to climb stairs for the start of the season. In 2010, the weather was perfect for outdoor baseball. There was only 1 rainout and 1 delay. We figured 2011 was likely to be payback?

Fast forward to today, April 8… and there couldn’t be a nicer forecast for a Friday Spring day. The weather keeps looking better and better for the Twins Home Opener today at 3:10. Latest I heard was 65 and sunny. I even packed the work shorts at the last minute, just in case.

Everyone has probably heard that Wally won’t be back for 2011. Neither will Ed. I have reread my blog entry about “The Sting” and still can’t believe it happened.

We lost 2 other guys to retirement, so I moved up 4 spots in seniority since 2010 from 24 to 20. I’ve been doing this since 1989 and finally cracked the top 20. Moving 4 spots is a big jump… I don’t think I’ve moved 2 spots in a season in the last 10 years.

Beer will be $7.25 this year… up a quarter. That is both good and bad. The jingle jangle of coins makes people think of tipping more, but $14.50 for 2 beers makes for a small tip if the customer gives you 15 bucks. $29 for 4 beers (criminal, I know) leaves only a buck leftover. Guess I will just have to “work it” more this year.

There is a new beer available from vendors this year. We finally have Coors Light. It is the most common beer people have asked for over the past few years. I think I might even give it a shot today (selling, not drinking) with Grain Belt.

There is just “something” about Opening Day. As the ESPN commercial says, “It’s not just Flag Day… It’s the world’s biggest flag Day.” There will be a flyover after the anthem. There is nothing comparable to having five F-16’s roar about 500 feet above the Target Field.

It’s also the start of another long summer. 81+ games to work, and a long way to go to the finish line.

Let’s play ball.

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