Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Views of Target Field

So far, I have spent 9 hours in training at Target Field for a position that mostly requires the ability to climb a lot of steps. Not sure why we sat in a classroom so much. If they really wanted to train beer vendors properly, they would bring in Stairmasters, set the timer for 180 minutes, and say, “Alright, CLIMB!” Anyone who couldn’t finish the set… Go Home!

At least we got to see some of the stadium this time. We sat up in Legend’s Club for part of the training. This was my first view of Target Field. It looks nice, to say the least… even on an overcast, 50-degree day in March.

The concourses are open and very wide. Anyone who has been in the Dome for a sold-out game will appreciate this. The outfield upper deck seats even look like a fun place to watch the Twins play. Unlike the same seats at Metrodome where you were about 4 miles from home plate, these are right on top of the action. The steps look a bit steep; but at least there won’t be a time delay to hear the crack of the bat.

Got my uniform today. The bosses apparently wanted us to be noticed out there. It is a fluorescent green, neon propelled, 9-volt battery polo shirt. Pictures just don’t do this shirt justice, but this car kind of gives you an idea of the color.

13 days to the first event
19 days to the exhibition games with St. Louis
29 days to Opening Day at Target Field.

See you then.

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