Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mauer IN, Nathan OUT.

The Joe Mauer contract is absolutely fantastic news to this beer vendor. Not that I have a man-crush for #7 or anything, but he is the reigning MVP and the best player at his position in baseball.

The secret to any Beerman's success is a successful team. A successful team puts happy fans in the seats. ... and happy fans drink lots of BEER. Joe Mauer brings in lots of happy fans.

Unfortunately every successful baseball team also needs a great closer. The Twins had that in Joe Nathan... until today, when Joe decided to have Tommy John surgery to end his season.

As important as Joe Mauer is to the Twins, I would argue that Joe Nathan is even more important. The team went over a month in 2009 without #7 and still won the American League Central in game #163.

How will they fare in 2010 without Joe Nathan for the entire season...?

A successful team has happy fans. Happy fans drink lots of beer. Every successful team must have a solid closer.

The Twins no longer have that...

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