Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cold WET Beer Here!

Today it rained at Target Field. It felt so strange.

After years of working inside of the always 70 degree climate controlled Metrodome, where the only moisture on my shirt was either my own perspiration or the spray of a warm Miller Lite blowing up over me… the rain felt pretty good.

It wasn’t enough rain to force a delay, but just enough to get everything quite wet. I saw ushers down in the Champions Club seating area grabbing towels and drying the seats for those who paid $275 a ticket to sit there.

Common… what’s the big deal if your nice pants get a little wet? This is baseball, not polo.

The neatest thing about the rain at Target Field today is that you could smell it coming. You know that smell… Where the rain gets about a mile away and the wind blows that rain smell toward you faster than the rain can get there. We all knew it was coming.

The crowd even enjoyed the rain. In the strangest of all cheers ever chanted at any sporting event, I heard “OUTDOOR Baseball!” chanted by the fans over and over as the rain started to fall.

This rain was something that no fan had felt at a home Twins game in almost 30 years.

There is a generation out there… MINE to be exact… that has no idea what it is like to feel rain on your shoulders as you watch a game.

The fans said, “Bring it on.”
… and I enjoyed walking the Target Field steps and shouting,

“Cold, Wet, Beer – HERE!”

… in the rain.

Baseball belongs outside…

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