Sunday, April 11, 2010

Look UP!

Tomorrow is the Target Field opener. There are many things to look forward to… The first pitch, the first hit, the first home run, etc…

I am looking forward to seeing all of those things, but there is one thing that will define Target Field for me Monday that will be like nothing else. It is the ultimate experience of an “outdoor” sporting event.

Not green grass, not blue sky, not even a little rain in the forecast for tomorrow… This is better.

Even with 2 World Series Championships, Twins fans have NEVER experienced this event at a home game. It was something never seen at the Dome or at Met Stadium. The Vikings have never been able to do this at a home game.

This is different!

It is truly THE symbol of an outdoor sporting event…


Six jets from the Air National Guard flying in formation right over the stadium at the conclusion of the Star Spangled Banner… close enough to the ground to completely drown out any other noise in the ballpark. It is the true patriotic symbol after the National Anthem at any “outdoor” professional sporting event.

Oh sure, we had the occasional helicopter take off from HCMC and make a little extra noise in the Dome… or we saw the occasional DC-10 shadow on the Teflon roof as it passed overhead.

Nothing can compare to the ballpark flyover.
The Twins won’t do this at every game. For everyone at the game tomorrow, enjoy the very first Flyover at any Minnesota sporting event EVER.

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