Sunday, April 4, 2010

Observations From The Aisle.

I’ve sold beer to Vikings fans, Gophers fans, Wild fans and Twins fans. Baseball fans are the best…

What is it that separates Twins fans from all others…?

If you were at the exhibition games this past weekend you saw it.

Jacques Jones was an average to above average player when he was with the Twins from 1999-2005. He had a lot of potential and played an important role with the Twins returning to competitive baseball in 2002. He also was famous for swinging at strike 3 when the pitch was out of the strike zone... WAY out of the strike zone.

Jones decided to test the free agent market in 2005 and left Minnesota for the Chicago Cubs. His career has not been the same since. He has bounced around with several teams since then.

Jacque signed a minor league contract with the Twins in February and will not survive the final roster cut to start the season with the Twins.

None of this matters to Twins fans. Jones received standing ovations at both games. This showed great class and great support for a player who is still a fan favorite.

Twins fans “get it”. They would love to see him return to his old form and play a role in winning a championship this year.

Hopefully Twins fans will get that chance to see Jacque Jones play baseball at Target Field in late October, 2010.

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