Thursday, April 1, 2010

What am I supposed to wear????

It used to be so easy...

Black pants, knee pads, white shirt and Twins hat. In the controlled atmosphere in the Dome, there were no surprises. I took the exact same clothes to each game (YES, they were washed!)

I didn't have to check weather reports or worry about frostbite. At the Dome, it was always 69 degrees and overcast (in teflon).

Friday, April 2nd is the first day of Twins Baseball in Target Field. Sure it is just an exhibition game against the St. Louis Cardinals, but unless I want to spend 3 hours shivering, a game in early April means being prepared for the weather.

The last couple of days have been fantastic in Minnesota. It actually reached 82 degrees today. Unfortunately the forecast for tomorrow is 60% chance of rain and 60 degrees at gametime.

Jacket weather.

... or maybe just a long sleeve shirt underneath.

I have to try to stay warm but not overheat climbing thousands of steps and carrying 25-50 lbs. of adult beverages.

It used to be so easy...

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